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Otra vez sobre fallos en el 996

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There are a couple of common issues with 996s, which I'm told stem from the fact that in the early nineties Porsche was on the verge of going bust. Apparently, years of producing top-notch engineering products with old-fashioned methods resulted in both very strong engines and borderline financial ruin. Things had to change.

According to Barry Hart of independent Porsche specialists Hartech, letting the accountants influence the 996's engine design philosophy to try to reduce costs resulted in some 'weak spots', among which was the use of 'open deck' Lokasil cylinders . "The cylinders can distort and gradually become oval in shape," he says. "In some cases (at higher mileages) this will result in an engine rebuild, which will cost from around £4000-£5000 upwards - and which will fix the weak spot by changing to a 'closed deck' design."

There's another similar issue, too. The intermediate shaft bearing's design and lubrication system also seem to have been influenced by cost saving, and according to Barry they too can fail, although most Porsche specialists will replace them with superior items as part of any rebuild.

In the light of all that, I had to put it to Barry that perhaps a used 996 at the bottom of the market might not be such a good idea?

"Not at all" he says. "In my experience only around 5 per cent of cars suffer a failure related to the cylinders or the intermediate shaft bearing. My 996 had 154,000 miles on it when I sold it and there were no issues. You get an amazing car for £10,000 - £15,000 which can do 160mph and is comfortable, torquey, responsive... It would be crazy to buy any car of that age and performance and expect it to cost you very little to run and maintain. And some specialists even offer some form of warranty scheme to reduce rebuild costs if the worst happens."
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